Supporting grandmothers and so much more


Sometime ago, a school friend who I hadn’t seen for over 30 years, contacted me.  We chatted and I immediately told him that my two sons were now married and that I had four grandchildren.  “Wow, I can’t imagine you a grandmother!” he said.  “Well, I’m not exactly sitting in a rocking chair and knitting,” was my response.

This brief and trivial conversation started me thinking what it means to be a grandmother today.  Are we, who once had full careers or are still working, any different to our mothers who dedicated their whole lives to bringing up the family?  Are we more or less involved with our grandchildren than past generations who were probably much younger than us when they became grandparents and in many instances lived very close, if not together, with their children? How are we handling our relationship with our children and their partners as we take a step back in their growth and development as adults with families?  And how are we managing our relationship with our husbands or partners now we are so occupied with our grandchildren?

These are just some of the issues we will be discussing on GrandmotherPlus.  We will look at ideas, new developments that contribute to our family life, our well-being and health.  But most importantly, we will look at today’s modern grandmother, plus all her other roles, as she faces the challenges of today’s family.

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